Story Donors

Story Donors was/is a podcast series I started several years ago as a way to allow people the opportunity to share their story to the world. The inspiration came after a good friend of mine committed suicide. He left behind a young daughter who will probably have very few memories of her father moving forward. Having also lost my father at a young age, I would have loved to know more about who he was as a person. This podcast series allowed me the opportunity to interview someone over several hours and then piece together their story in two or three episodes, edited together for cohesion and impact. One day I hope to return to this series.

Nannette’s Story – Part 1


Each episode had its own short trailer to accompany it using a clip from the episode.


Story Donors allowed me to use my audio and photography skills together. I eventually wanted to incorporate video, as well. Here is one of the photos I took of Nannette after she shared her story.



You can view several other episodes, including the remaining two parts of Nannette’s story at the Story Donors website.